Hey there, this is our game for PLAY20 GameJam, with the theme of Explore borders. Me and my friend tried our best to create an enjoyable experience for you.

There is 3 levels in current version. We are planning on improving it in the future. Hope you enjoy playing it.

Birkan Deniz   https://www.instagram.com/bledyn
Ozan Yaşar   https://www.instagram.com/madhouxdesigns/

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Tagsmaze, Singleplayer


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This game was so amazin! Love the designs of the characters :O. Maybe add more levels? Not saying that you should but if its a full game then maybe you could add more levels.

Thank you so much. Its just a demo version of the game. Yes, we are currently working to add more levels and features on it. Stay tuned for updates! :)

I really like the idea. Maybe I would remove the exit button from the HTML export on the start screen though, because it won’t do anything in that case ;)


Thank you for playing and giving us feedback. We will add more levels and take out the exit button for HTML version in the next update.

Do you have any ideas for improvement? We will be happy to hear all. Thanks for your playing and interest :)

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i think some traps will be great. holes, bad guy that erases ink,  or something like this

good luck

great ideas we will work on it in the future. Thanks


оч крутая идея. есть несколько замечаний.

1. не всегда при столкновении, есть анимация

2. при переходе в уровень, нужно добавить заставку


very cool idea. there are a few comments.

1.not always on collision, there is animation

2.when going to a level, you need to add a splash screen

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Animations on collission depends on your speed. If you are going slow crash animation won't play. We made it so that it doesn't bother our players so much. Same as well with the AH sound.

Also, we have updated trasition screen between levels and we are still improving the game.

Thank you for playing and testing it.